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SAMURAI SHEAR WORKS started out as a shear sharpening business in 1989. When we started out, all shears had beveled edges, and used "Hoyo" machines to sharpen them. This process was very slow and it was difficult to maintain perfect edges and correct the balance of the shears. Because of this, Samurai began experimenting with sharpening and polishing systems that have become the industry standard.

For more than twenty years we have designed and built out our own sharpening machines and are one of the few companies in the country that provide our customers with true water-honing for great bevel and convex edges.

We sharpen our customer's shears by hand, and create the sharpest, longest lasting edges you could hope for.




So what does sharpening have to do with selling shears? Because of our attention to our customers needs, our customers came to like and trust us.

So in addition to sharpening shears, our customers began asking us to supply quality shears at reasonable prices.

In order to keep the price point as low as possible, we decided to buy shears direct, hence the development of our ZEN line of shears.

(480) 926-8327 in Arizona

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